Rectors Message

Rev Ann and GracieGrace to you and Peace from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ!

I am honored to be called to serve as rector of St. Matthias Episcopal Church.    I am also grateful to my friend,  Rev. Eleanor Holland for all her inspired and compassionate leadership of St. Matthias over her seven years as rector before me.

I was baptized in the Episcopal Church; she has companioned me ever since. From the second grade through the twelfth I attended an Episcopal school which managed to have full-fledged morning prayer each day.  As a result, many of those wonderful collects and canticles as well as large sections of the Hymnal are in my bones.  I was born and grew up in Memphis, TN.  As an adult, I returned there for a time and raised my family.  My father was a Southerner–my mother an army brat who lived all over the United States.  Her influence is my best explanation for my almost complete lack of a Southern accent.

I have two children, Hannah and Daniel. Hannah, the eldest, is a midwife married to Sam, a medical doctor who specializes in reconstructive surgery. They live in Madison, Wisconsin with their two children, Silas and Anabelle, aged nine and eleven. Daniel, our son, is also a medical doctor, specializing in Family Practice.  He and his wife, Hahn, also have two children, Mathilde and Harrison, aged seven and nine. They live in Portland, Oregon, where Daniel has his medical practice.  Since my family is so far-flung (a sister in Nova Scotia, a brother in Dallas), I am especially grateful that my mother, Ann Morton, lives here in Baltimore.

In hindsight, my journey towards ordained ministry took place over a long period of time, but was given major impetus by my experience at Yale Divinity School from which I graduated in 1995. I was ordained deacon in 1997 and priested in 1998. Since my ordination, I have served in a variety of settings: as chaplain in a women’s prison outside Las Vegas, a member of the staff of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, an associate rector at St. Thomas in Owings Mills, and Interim rector at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Baltimore.

May gratitude to the God, who is ever faithful and wills us well, abound!

God’s Peace,

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