Weekly Message

Matthias-Midweek 2-7-2018  Rev. Joanne introduces herself.

Matthias-Midweek – Jan. 4, 2018  Rev. Ann tells the Darius Ndoli Story

Matthias-Midweek 11-2-2017    Rev. Ann talks about Feast of All Saints

Rev. Ann Copp Announces Retirement Letter  and Rev. Joanne Tetrault – new Priest-in-Charge – Feb. 14, 2017 Letter

Joanne Tetrault photo

Rev. Joanne Tetrault

Matthias-Midweek 10-26-2017   Sandy Ashe and Sue Small on Visit to National Museum of African American History and Culture, NMAAHC, 10/18/2017.

Matthias-Midweek 8-10-2017    Rev. Linda Boyd discusses “Touchdown Moments”.

Matthias-Midweek 7-6-2017      Rev. Ann discusses A/C Challenge at St. Matthias

Matthias-Midweek 6-22-2017    Rev. Ann describes kayaking on Gunpowder River

Matthias-Midweek 6-16-2017     Rev. Ann recaps Parish Annual Meeting

Matthias Midweek 6-8-2017       Rev. Ann talks about her Alaska Vacation.

Matthias-Midweek 5-11-2017       Rev. Ann talks about Bible Study Group.

Matthias-Midweek 4-12-2017      Beth Dellow talks about Holy Week.

Matthias-Midweek 4-05-2017      Rev. Ann talks about Palm Sunday.

Matthias-Midweek 3-29-2017       Rev. Ann’s grandson and daughter visit from Wisconsin and go to the National Aquarium.

Matthias-Midweek 3-22-2017    Judy Schneider talks about Lenten Practice.

Matthias-Midweek 3-15-2017     Review of “Eleanor Roosevelt” Play

Matthias-Midweek 3-10-2017     St. Matthias Church gets new furnace.

Matthias-Midweek 3-1-2017      Rev. Ann talks about sin as a distraction.

Matthias-Midweek 2-22-2017    When the Saints Go Marching in – “Lent Madness” begins next Thursday.

Matthias-Midweek 2-17-2017     What’s in the Future at St. Matthias Episcopal Church

Matthias-Midweek 2-9-2017    Chris Brown & Mel Berk teach us about trust in God.

Matthias-Midweek 1-25-2017    All about the Baltimore Women’s Vigil on Jan. 21,2017.

Matthias-Midweek 1-18-2017 

Special Message from Rev. Ann Copp about the recent neighborhood fire in Overlea.  PrayersforFamily,childrenkilledinfire-11217

Matthias-Midweek 1-12-2017


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